SecureDent® Questions and Answers

Q. Where can I use SecureDent® ?

A. SecureDent® can be used when visiting participating providers in the Northwest Houston / Cypress, Texas area. Currently, this program is offered exclusively through providers in the Active Life Dentistry offices. As more providers are added to this program, we will update our website with their names.

Q. How do I sign up for SecureDent® ?

A. To enroll today, click HERE, and select either the Individual or Family program. Simply fill out the online form, pay the annual membership fee, and you are ready to go!

Q. Who can I include under a “Family” membership?

A. You may include your spouse, children and other legal dependents. You may not generally include your siblings, parents or other relatives, even if they live with you. Basically, if they could be covered by a traditional insurance plan covering your family, they can be included on your SecureDent® family membership. See the SecureDent® Terms and Conditions for more information.

Q. May I pay my enrollment fee with cash or check?

A. Unfortunately, our updated SecureDent® enrollment platform only accepts payments using credit or debit cards. We (and our participating providers) are unable to accept payments by cash or check for any enrollment fees. You may, however, use cash or check to pay for any dental treatment or preventative care directly to your provider.

Q. Do you have a paper copy of the SecureDent® enrollment form?

A. All SecureDent® members must enroll through our updated online platform. We no longer accept paper applications.

Q. How do I use the SecureDent® program?

A. Find your SecureDent® dentist in the Northwest Houston, Texas area. Inform them you are a SecureDent® member. Current SecureDent® members will receive prices for preventative care and treatment plans that reflect the SecureDent® savings. Note: If you signed up on the same day as your appointment, you may need to present your confirmation email to the front desk to confirm your membership.

Q. Is there any SecureDent® limitation?

A. Only this: the SecureDent® savings program can’t be used in unison with another discount program, primary indemnity or PPO carrier to supplement your dental care after you have reached your yearly maximum benefits. i.e. You may either use SecureDent or insurance (or other discount program), but not both.

Q. Can I change my SecureDent® Login User ID?

A. You are not able to change the UserID on an existing account once it has been set; however, you can update your contact email address under your account profile. If you must change your User ID, you would need to sign up for (and pay for) a new account, as a First-Time member. If you need assistance with this, please fill out the contact form HERE, and one of our Customer Service representatives will contact you.

Q. Can I change my Family plan to an Individual plan, or vice-versa, mid-term?

A. We do not convert Family plans to Individual plans, or Individual Plans to Family Plans, mid-term. However, when your term expires, you may renew as a different type of plan, and receive the renewal rate for that plan type.

Q. Can I add or delete family members under my Family plan mid-term?

A. If you have experienced a life event (such as marriage, adoption, birth, death, etc.) mid-year, please contact our Help Department by clicking HERE, and they can assist you with updating your account.