Advantages Of The SecureDent® Program

The SecureDent® program is an alternative to insurance that provides several advantages over typical insurance programs.

Traditional dental insurance can pose several challenges to both patients and providers. Monthly insurance premiums, co-pays and deductibles can be costly to patients, while actual coverage can be unpredictable, inconsistent and subject to annual maximums.

Our goal is to provide an alternative to insurance that makes dental care just as affordable, and even more predictable, for patients. SecureDent® is a cost-effective program that takes away the uncertainty of knowing what your benefits will be until after treatment is complete. With SecureDent®, costs are disclosed up-front, so you can make a more informed decision about your dental treatment.

These are just some of the advantages SecureDent® has over typical insurance plans:

Typical Insurance Plans
You pay a deductible and/or a percentage of procedure costs, as determined by your insurance company. This percentage often varies with procedure type.No deductibles; no hidden costs.
Coverage is typically not determined until after treatment has been completed. Insurance companies are not bound by pre-determinations and may deny coverage or apply “alternate” benefits after-the-fact.Procedure costs will be listed on your treatment plan prior to your appointment.* You will receive SecureDent® member rates on all dental care you receive from participating providers while you are a member. No denials.
Annual limits/maximums on the amount of insurance benefits. Certain procedures are excluded from coverage entirely.Benefits are not limited. Take advantage of SecureDent® cost savings throughout your membership, regardless of how much – and what kind of – dental treatment you need. No exclusions.
Often require waiting periods between certain types of treatment and deny coverage if waiting periods aren’t met. No waiting periods with participating providers. Get dental work started today. You don’t have to wait a year to get coverage on specific procedures.
Claims must be submitted and often appealed to receive benefits.No claim forms to be filled out or approved. No drawn-out reimbursement procedures.
Monthly premiums due. Premiums often increase year-to-year.A one-time annual membership fee gives you access to SecureDent® member pricing throughout the year. Members who renew their membership before expiration receive a discounted annual renewal rate.

*Note: Treatment plans will be provided by your dental provider based on the course of treatment agreed to between you and your provider. Occasionally, a provider may need to make changes to the treatment plan during the course of treatment for various reasons, such as changes in the condition of your mouth from prior visit(s), anatomical or other underlying conditions of the mouth that inhibit treatment, patient non-compliance with treatment plan, and other reasons. In those cases, SecureDent ® member prices will be applied to the updated treatment plan.