The SecureDent® Program – What Is It?

It’s assurance, not insurance. SecureDent® is a dental cost savings program that gives members quality dental healthcare at discounted prices. It’s a program that’s hassle-free and exclusion-free, with no waiting periods. It covers you immediately on joining – and lasts as long as you’re a program member. Since benefits are available as soon as you become a member, you don’t have to wait for the important dental care you need for a healthier mouth and a better life.

We think of the SecureDent® program as a full circle of care, providing you with a better alternative to current insurance at our participating providers. To see some of the advantages the SecureDent® program has over typical insurance plans, click HERE.

SecureDent® members pay an annual fee to receive discounted pricing from our participating providers for one year. Members may renew annually and will receive a discounted renewal rate if they renew before their term expires. For more information about SecureDent® cost savings, click HERE.

You may enroll as an individual or family. To get started, click HERE.