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Quality treatment plus affordability
in one program

SecureDent is here for you when you suddenly find you need dental treatment and you haven’t planned for it financially. SecureDent is here for you when you want good dental care — and better dental health — for every member of your growing family, at a cost you can afford.

SecureDent helps you take better care of your teeth. And better care of your finances. Without exclusion. Without hassles.

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“It’s coverage for dental health that’s hassle-free and exclusion-free.”

Q. Why should I be a SecureDent member?

A. SecureDent offers a full circle of protection and benefits, but there are two MAJOR reasons to start with.

First, no waiting for high-quality dental care. For a healthier life for you and your family, for better appearance, for pain-free eating — and smiling! — you and your dentist can get to work without waiting for forms, approvals or reimbursements.

Second, big savings! You can save up to 80% on some procedures with the SecureDent plan.

Q. Just what is the SecureDent plan?

A. It’s a new, and we think better, alternative to dental insurance, so you can get affordable dentistry without compromising quality or care.

Because there are no administrative costs to the individual dentists or clinics with SecureDent patients, dentists can accept lower fees. We are not insurance so there are no obstructive exclusionary clauses. There are no limitations, maximums, claim forms or deductibles. Join SecureDent and get started immediately.

Q. How does my SecureDent program work?

A. Through a networked referral system of independent professionals, patients are introduced to doctors or clinics who share the SecureDent code of conduct. There’s no waiting — your benefits are ready to go once you’re a SecureDent member.

Q. How do I use it?

A. Find your SecureDent dentist. Inform them you are a SecureDent member. They will check your eligibility to receive the SecureDent savings.

Pay your general dentist the amounts indicated on our general dentist fee schedule — with major savings built right in. Pay specialists 20% discount from their normal fees. These fees will be provided upon request prior to the work being performed.

Q. How do I become a member?

A. To get started today, just click the “Enroll today — Click here” button above or any of the Sign-Up Links found on this site to sign up online.

You may also obtain an application at any SecureDent participating provider. Just fill out the SecureDent application and pay your annual fee.

Present it to your dentist's office staff. When your application and payment are received and approved by SecureDent, Inc., you are eligible.

Q. Is there any SecureDent limitation?

A. Only this: the SecureDent plan can’t be used in unison with another discount program, primary indemnity or PPO carrier to supplement your dental care after you have reached your yearly maximum benefits.

For more information, ask your dentist. Or contact SecureDent Dental Care Plan at 281-807-4969